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FEAR Field Rules:

Rule #1 Goggles on at at all times during game play. We will have down time between games where we can relax with goggles off. If you have a fog issue, put your death rag on and leave the field of play (spawn point if available). Remember, leaving the game for 5 minutes is better than going to the hospital for an eye injury. Between games we will have a safe zone set up where all players will drop magazines, clear chambers, and put the weapons on safe.

Rule #2 Call your hits. We do believe this is a game of honor. However, if you believe someone is not calling their hits, you can call out “PURPLE HEART!!!". This will bring one of the FEAR admins to your location to discuss and evaluate the situation. Do NOT shout or curse your fellow airsofter. Some players wear a lot of gear and may not have felt your bb's. Keep your cool and call “Purple Heart".

Rule #3 No Fighting! Fighting, of any kind, will not be tolerated and both/all parties involved will be asked to leave. Remember this is only a game. We are here to have fun. Seal Team recruiters are not here to evaluate your tactical prowess or hire you onto Blackwater. If you feel angry or frustrated, take 5, smokem' if ya gottem', drink some water. If you continue to have issues with another player(s), notify a FEAR admin. We can act as a moderator to the problem. Communication can usually settle many disputes.

Rule #4 Respect. Respect the playing field and owner of the land. Clean up after yourself and carry out all the trash you brought with you. Respect your fellow Airsofters. Please TRY and keep the language as clean as possible. We do have some younger folks out there with us and it also promotes a better airsoft experience.

Medic rule: We generally use the one hit rule with the medic option. When you are hit anywhere on the body (gun hits and riquoches do not count) call out and put your death rag on your head. If is your first hit, call for a medic. You MAY communicate with your team, call out enemy positions or signify that it is not safe to attempt a medic. You can NOT fire your weapon. You have 2 minutes from the time you are hit until a medic makes it to you to tie a single knot in your medic rope. After the medic ties your rope you are back in play (remember to remove our death rag). If a medic does not get to you within the 2 minutes, you "bleed out" and go back to respawn (if one is set up). If an enemy touches you within your 2 minute timer, you are automatically dead and must return to your respawn (if available) at this time.
If you are you are hit for a second time after the medic has tied your knot, you are critically wounded. You can NOT communicate with your team mates. You can NOT engage enemy. You can NOT get mediced. Put your death rag on your head and wait 2 minutes for bleed out and return to the respawn (if available).

Please note: If you are in a sitting or standing position wearing your death rag communicating with team members, are in the line of fire or being used as a human shield by a teammate or medic... you WILL get hit again. No need to get upset, just reposition yourself to be out of the line of fire (usually a body length or so should do the trick) and stay low.

Real world injuries: If there is a real world injury of any kind, call out "REAL WORLD!” The game will be paused, all players will drop magazines, clear all weapons and put all weapons on safe. The injury will be assessed and treated on field if possible. If the injury is beyond our capabilities, the injured person will be evacuated to a medical facility. The game will only proceed only after the injured can continue on mission or has been evacuated from the play field.

FPS Rules: AEG rifles - 400 fps w/ .25g bb's Minimum engagement range = 12 feet
Heavy support weapons - 400 fps w/ .25g bb's Minimum engagement range = 12 feet
Semi-auto marksman - 450 fps w/ .25g bb's Minimum engagement range = 30 feet
Bolt action sniper - 500 fps w/ .25g bb's Minimum engagement range = 50 feet
Pistols of any type- 400 fps w/ .25g bb's Minimum engagement range = 12 feet

Magazine restrictions: None, unless stated for special games.

Last (but far from least): FEAR admin members and the land owners are ALWAYS right. Do not argue with their decisions or calls. Comply with all rules in placed. We are neither rigid nor hard, but we have these rules for your and our safety. Violators may be asked to leave and may face permanent banning from FEAR games.

FEAR36 out.

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