Beat the Heat, stay in the game

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Beat the Heat, stay in the game Empty Beat the Heat, stay in the game

Post  Fear 46 on Wed May 26, 2010 10:18 pm

As the heat is rising we all are being affected by the weather, in order to help protect ourself from heat related illness keep these few things in mind.

Drinking water: Not only to quench your thrist, but it helps cool the body and replendish lost water through sweating.

- you need one or more of the following

  1. Canteen
  2. Hydration Bladder
  3. Water bottles
  4. water jugs/Coolers

(please do not subsitute Soda with water)

If you must subsitute water try powerade or gatorade!

If you find yourself over heating during game either find some nice shade to post up at until you cool down or sit out of the game.

Dress cool, dont overload on gear that you dont need.

sunblock may be needed to be applied to prevent sunburns

plus with the hot weather you may find your goggles to be fogging up more n more. Use some anti-fogging spray, you may find them at a local outdoor store. Or you can Bug Dave and Heather at Dave's Airsoft to start carrying them Wink sorry Dave had to do it.

Be Safe
Fear 46 out
Fear 46
Fear 46

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Beat the Heat, stay in the game Empty Re: Beat the Heat, stay in the game

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 13, 2010 3:58 pm

I would also like to add...

Just sent this as a PM to one of our new probbies. But it may be of some use to some of you regulars as well...

Just make sure to PRE-hydrate, not RE-hydrate. That is, drink plenty of fluids all weekend. Drink water the night before and the morning of the game. Bring out a hydration blader with room temprature water... not cold. Drinking cold water makes your body work harder at warming it up to equalize your body temp causing your over all core temp to increase. Also remember not to FORCE-hydrate. This is where you drink so much you flush electrolites from your system. Take in plenty of food with your water. Stay away from sodas, sweet-tea, or anything else with a lot of sugar in it. Sugar is a dieretic and will work against your hydration attemps. I would also suggest taking a couple asprine (with your parents concent) the morning before the game. This helps thin your blood for better hydration as well. Hope this helps.

Beat the heat, plan ahead

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