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Required Gear. Empty Required Gear.

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:00 am

These items are REQUIRED to play on FEAR field:

1. Goggles. Full seal are preffered, but most safety and shooting goggles are permitable until further notice.
2. Death Rag. Any red or orange cloth, hat or cap that can be stored out of sight untill you have to place it on your head signifying that you are "hit" and out of game play.
3. Medic Rope. Any type of cordage or strip of cloth, about 12 inches long, that can be attached to your gear or belt that can be tied into a knot and untied at the spawn point.
4. Water. You will be required to bring your own water for the day. Unless specified for special games, water will not be provided.
5. Weapon,battery,bb's. We do not provide "loaner" guns to non FEAR members.

Optional (but helpful) items to bring with you:

Wrist Watch. Or a time piece of some sort to keep track of your "bleed out" time.
Whistle. We are going to be playing on 100 + acres of land. If someone was to get lost, a whistle could come in handy.
Compass. We will provide a few maps of the playing area at every game.
Communication devices. Walkie Talkies are very helpful during game play and organizing start times.
Snacks. We all get hungry out there.

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