AGM MP-001 (Imitation Wood Version)

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AGM MP-001 (Imitation Wood Version)

Post  Sgt.Woody on Sat Sep 04, 2010 4:05 pm

Hello. I am new to this website and I saw that it was in Kentucky and all and then I saw the review thread. So here it is. My review of the AGM MP-001 Imitation Wood Version.

The gun is great and only jams if you double feed. Which isn't a con for me because when you double feed it can wear down your gun and break it. Plus, ITS NOT A SHOTGUN! There are a lot of metal parts:

Outer Barrel
Safety, Trigger and Bolt Assembly
RIS Rail
Screws and Sling Mounts

The plastic parts on the gun are:

Imitation Wood
Trigger Guard
Magazine Release

Gun shoots around 400fps with .20gram bb's. Probably around 330-350fps with MadBull Sniper Ammo .36gram bb's (which I have and sometimes use). You can easily use .20gram bb's in this gun with the hop-up being in the middle.

Accepts all scopes with 20mm scope rings. Unless you are shooting at people at far distances you really won't need a scope at all. But do what you will with it.


The internals are suprisingly good for an AGM rifle. All seem to be reinforced metal and not pot metal at all. Locking pin to access the bolt assembly has to be removed all the way out (which means taking off the trigger guard). Once it is out all you have to do is pull out the bolt assembly. The outer barrel is glued on which is my only con. So once the glue is melted just take it out which I haven't been able to. Hop-up is full metal though.


Gun is great and magazine will only break if you smash it, drop it on concrete from a high-up place, or slam it in the gun. The gun's metal is very good metal and won't break easily. I reccommend this gun for every airsofter looking for an affordable airsoft rifle that shoots great.


Made of metal
Affordable (including the price of mags)
Can use any type of ammo except for .12s


Trigger Guard is plastic. No biggy just don't drop it ok?
Barrel is glued on
Screws can strip if you apply force while screwing them in


Type of Metal- 9
Quality- 8
Magazine Feeding- 10
Disassembly- 6
FPS- 8

I will be doing a review on youtube sometime soon hopefully and I will place that video here in this thread too.


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